Monday, 31 May 2010

todays finds at the Flea Market

Went to a fantastic Flea Market today, it was HUGE and although I had limited funds, I managed to bring back some really lovely stuff, as well as the following I also got a gorgeous 1930s black crepe dress, which I will photograph later on. There was a fantastic selection of photographs, here are the ones I bought, most of them are French, two are English.
'Little Ghost' I adore this spooky looking child

This girl looks quite ill for her first communion

Really nice family group, I like the baby chewing on his hand!

I thought the backdrop for this was stunning

This old woman is the perfect representation of how I see the Woman in Black, how stunning are her cape and bonnet

As well as the dress and these photos, I found a bag of 1950s paper dolls, with alot of hand painted cut out clothes to go with them, here is a small selection of the bag, which has loads and loads in! I use these kinds of things in my mixed media collages, so I mainly bought them as raw materials for my work, but there are some lovely things here.
These two are a from a group of about 6 or 7 of these quite large full dolls, when I have my own place I will have them all lined up on the wall.

here are a few of the hand done clothes for the paper dolls

And lastly my favourite one, this little petticoat

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