Friday, 31 August 2012

Renwal's Visible Head and Visible man

Earlier in the week I had a flashback to my childhood, randomly remembering the anatomy models my Dad kept in the loft when me and brother were younger.

They'd be brought down every so often, smelling musty with yellowed plastic outer casing, and we'd play with them for a bit before they went back up the ladder into the loft. I hadn't seen these for years, but with my interest in vintage toys and medical items I was really keen to see them again, even though they don't really class as toys as they are a nightmare to put together, especially the head! one wrong movement and his jaw falls off and the teeth go clattering all over the floor!

I asked my Dad about them, intending to have them as decorative items in the flat I hope to move into next year, he managed to dig them out of the loft after wondering if he might have thrown them away in the many loft clear outs hes had over the years, luckily they were all still intact along with the instruction leaflets. The Visible Man and the Visible Head were originally bought in the late 50s as kits to paint and put together, you could also get visible woman, visible dog, visible horse and possibly more. My Dad was given them when he was 12, painted and made them up, so I am thrilled we still have them and they can take pride of place when I have my own flat.