Monday, 17 January 2011

Sleeping Beauty 3

So it arrived, my amazing book, sleeping beauty 3, I love it soo much, its signed by Stanley Burnes. Its a smaller that the previous ones, but I quite like its small size, kinda like a childrens book, but a terribly sad one.

It came with a postmortem CDV thats so wonderful and delicate, the perfect parcel arriving this morning, has made my day :)

Thursday, 6 January 2011

The boy in the box

One of the saddest stories I've come across in a long time is that of the boy in the box

"His given name has eluded police for 43 years, along with the way he met his death.

In life, almost nothing is known about the small child found decades ago in a dumpsite. But in death, he would be embraced by homicide investigators who had seen it all -- except a boy in a box, surrounded by trash and rusty car parts. And generations of Philadelphians would be drawn to him long after he was in the ground. Some still pray for his soul.

The cardboard box -- the first of what would come to be his three graves -- held him only briefly, perhaps a few days or weeks. After months on a cold slab in the city morgue, he was buried in grave No. 191 in a potter's field alongside prisoners, unclaimed bodies and body parts.

He came to his final resting place in 1998, when his body was exhumed for DNA testing and then reburied in a private cemetery.

At first glance, the man who spotted the body thought it might be a discarded doll. But it was of a boy of about 4, left in a box marked "fragile" and "handle with care," dumped in a rubbish-strewn lot in a desolate wooded area on the city's northern fringes. The nude, badly bruised body, covered by a blanket, wasn't even big enough to fill the box."

His original gravestone simply read "Heavenly Father, Bless This Unknown Boy."

For more information on the case visit -

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


I watched 'The Mothman Prophecies' at the weekend, and I had forgotten what it was about, but I enjoyed it alot more second time around, and it certainly got me thinking and wanting to look into the apparently true story of the mysterious 'mothman'.
While looking for more information I came across alot of similar bird men type things that have been reported all over the world, seems kind of weird and I think there has to be something in it.
The mothman that the film is based on is one from West Virginia, it was reported in a town called Point Pleasant for afew months before the collapse of the silver brigde. It is thought this 'mothman' figure appears before a major tradgedy, the appearances are often accompanied by strange dreams and frightening phone calls to people in the local area.
these are some drawings done by witnesses, showing what they saw, the figure is described as being around 8 foot tall

Other similar reports come from a Village in Cornwall, this time described as an owl man, this drawing was done by a young girl who supposedly saw this creature hovering around a church tower

we find another similar story known as The Black Bird of Chernobyl.
Menacing phone calls and terrifying dreams began mid April 1986 and contuinued untill the bird was last seen flying away from the smoke after the nuclear disaster at the end of April, workers described it as "a large, dark, headless man with gigantic wings and fiery eyes."

Could 'spring heeled Jack' of Victorian London be derived from the same strange entitiy? But just twisted to fit into a Penny Dreadful

These creatures are all terrifyingly similar, I think there could be something in it