Sunday, 26 December 2010

Dwarf Wedding

I adore this daguerrotype of a dwarf wedding I randomly found on the net

Missing White Woman Syndrome

I've just been reading a Wikipedia article on MWWS or 'missing pretty girl syndrome', really interesting, and something I've never really thought about before, although it seems obvious.
The term refers to the level of media coverage given to the dissapearances of middle class, white, women between 20 and 30, and teenagers, compared to that of men, or women of different races, or of lower class. I think it shows how insane the media is these days, and how its driven by the desire for looks and money, a pretty sad reflection.

an example is two teenagers who went missing, but one recieved more media attention that the other, Amanda Dowler, was a middle class schoolgirl

Whilst hannah Williams was from a working class background, with estranged parents and a stud in her nose

Images of Amanda were all over the front of national newspapers, I clearly remember the news of amandas disappearance, but I have no recollection of hearing about Hannah Williams.
Amanda was what the media wanted, a model school girl with a middle class family, whereas hannah was from a single parent home and had spent time in care, the police described hannas mother as 'not really press conference material' she was forgotten immediately. Amanda Dowler continued to dominate the news. Both girls were found murdered.

I've noticed how shockingly similar alot of the missing young women in the news seem to look, there appears to be a certain criteria that needs to be filled to get coverage.
You probably recognise these faces -

But do you recall these ones?

Thursday, 23 December 2010

My Christmas Present to myself

I bought myself a christmas present in town this week, I found a wonderful doll in a charity shop, shes a pedigree in pretty good condition and I love her, very cool that shes wearing a christmas coat

Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Ghost of Christmas past

I've just had my annual viewing of my favourite version of Charles Dickens 'A Christmas carol' I can't believe how much I love it, its a pure masterpeice, I just wish it was available on DVD, its just not that good quality online, I have a version taped off the TV before I was born.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

New Orleans Carnival 1903

I have been fascinated by this stunning image for afew months now, and I've finally discovered its source

"The Telling-Grandon Scrapbook is a 28-page scrapbook/diary containing photographs and ephemera collected by an Evanston, Illinois group during a visit by train to the New Orleans Carnival of 1903. Two of the more prominent among these were an Irving Telling and Willie Grandon; thus the title of the collection, Telling-Grandon."

here are some more images from this amazing collection

for more images and info, go to

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Sleeping Beauty 3

Here is the book I want for Christmas, shame the postage costs more that the book! I hope it gets on Amazon soon so i can get it sent a little cheaper before it goes out of print and cost hundreds, I am lucky enough to have the quite rare 'Sleeping Beauty 2' and I want to add to the collection with this one

heres a couple from the amazing selection of postmortem pictures of children that are included