Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Film inspiration

For this project I watched two film versions of 'The Turn of the Screw' one BBC version from 2009 and a black and white film made in 1961, called 'The Innocents' but based very closely on the book.
The two versions were very different, the older one being more of a spooky artistic vision of the story, with the 2009 version adding more on to the original story and changing the period of the story to the 1920s, here are some stills from the two films, to compare how each film dealt with the strong visuals of the story.

The Governess in the 2009 version, shown here in an asylum after the death of Miles (added on for this film version)

The Governess in the 60s film

Some of the imagery from the different films, the modern version in its 1920s setting

and the more spooky atmosphere of the older film

Some images from the two films depicting the Ghosts
Quint on the stairs with the children(2009)

one of my favourite images from both of the films, is the 60s version of Miss jessel appearing on the lake, we'll never know weather or not Flora sees her aswell

and the children

I found the older film much more inspiring, as the atmosphere is beautiful and much more attention paid to the film as a peice of Art, also sticking closer to the book than the newer film, which I found cheesy in parts

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