Monday, 26 October 2009

Amy Wolfe

Amy Wolfe is in the midst of a rollercoaster relationship — after falling in love with a fairground ride

Madcap Amy, 33, has been besotted with an 80ft high Gondola ride since she was a teenager and now plans to MARRY it.
Amy rides the machine 300 times a year and even gazes at a picture of it while in bed.
American Amy — who has never had a boyfriend — suffers from a rare condition called 'objectum sexuality' where people develop attractions to objects.
She says she will marry the ride called 1001 Nachts and change her surname to Weber, the name of the ride's manufacturer.
She said: "I know people think it's weird but I love him as much as women love their husbands and know we'll be together forever."
Amy first fell in love with 1001 — based in an amusement park 80 miles from her home — when she was just 13.
Amy, from Pennsylvania, said: "I was instantly attracted to him sexually and mentally.
"I wasn't freaked out as it just felt so natural but I didn't tell anyone about it because I knew it wasn't 'normal' to have feelings for a fairground ride.
"While all my friends were going through their teens having crushes on boys, I was still thinking about 1001."
The unemployed church organist rides 1001 up to 30 times each time she visits.
Staff even allow her to go on 1001 after the theme park closes.
Amy said: "I tell him how much I've missed him and what I've been up to since my last visit. And I kiss the bits I can reach. The staff are really understanding."
Incredibly Amy says she has great sex life with 1001.
A picture of 1001 adorns her bedroom ceiling and she says: "I use photos of 1001 to help me in private.

"We could never have sex where he lives because it's public and it would be indecent."
Amy added: "1001 makes me happier than any human ever could."

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  1. OMG that is the strangest thing!

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