Saturday, 14 January 2012

Childrens Stories Illustrated

Over the past few weeks i've been working on a series of illustrations based on some of my favourite traditional childrens stories.

Little Red Riding Hood

"Oh Grandma, what big Teeth you have"

The Three little Pigs
"The Wolf blew the house down and ate the first little pig"

Goldilocks and the three Bears

"I know who's been sleeping in my bed" Said little bear, "and she's still here"

Hansel and Gretel

"Gretel pushed her in and ran away, the godless witch was burned to death"

Little Red Shoes

"The executioner struck off her feet with the little red shoes, but the shoes danced away with the little feet across the feilds"

Gerda and the Reindeer
"Gerda ran over to the Reindeer, threw her arms around its neck, and laying her cheek against its soft muzzle, said 'please help me to find my friend'

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