Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Trying to be more active on here

Its been a while since I posted here, not sure I still even have active followers, ah well, I'm going to attempt to be active again, cause I do love this blog.

I am still avidly collecting post mortem photos, hoping to get some this christmas in fact!

I've been doing loads of research into serial Killers, as I tend to do periodically through my life. This time I've been looking at Richard Ramirez 'The Night Stalker'

heres some more info on the case

I spent a while trawling the internets huge amout of horrific crime scene photos, I found the pictures from the Night Stalker Case easily. It is so weird to actually see something I'd read so much about. It seems odd to me that its so easy to get hold of the photographs from most of Americas notorious murder cases, can't help but wonder what the victims families think!

Ramirez apparently giggled in court when the graphic photos were shown.

The way he's looking at that woman in the last picture is seriously terrifying.

This picture is the most powerful of the crime scene photos in my opinion, something about the milk carton lying there, makes it look almost artistic, I believe this woman was smashed around the head with a tyre iron.

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