Tuesday, 3 August 2010

postmortem detail

I loved enhancing the childs face in my last post, so I am going to do the same with my favourite post mortem from my collection, there is no question here that she is dead though. I now have 7 post mortem photos, which I think is pretty good considering how expencive they can be

Original photo

detail - this gives me the shivers

I have reduced myself to tears so many times while going through my collection, i'm odd. But then again whats the point of collecting something unless it moves or effects you deeply


  1. That's a really interesting photo you found. And it's giving my shivers to ...

  2. That is so spooky, and so incredibly sad!

  3. Heartbreaking and hard to understand but that's reality. Someone had to face that. Hard, losing your child is about as tough as it gets.