Monday, 28 June 2010

Let them not weep, let them know that I'm glad to go, Death is no dream, for in death I'm caressing you

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  1. Hi,
    I am so inspired and in awe of your illustrations. I tried to find a way of contacting you more personally, through email or other means, but couldn't. I'm one of the most recommended fashion blogs on Tumblr, and was really hoping that I could do a piece on your illustrations, and post a few of them on my blog, with reference to you and a link to your blog. I think it would so much better though, if maybe you could tell me where the inspiration came from for certain pieces, what they were for etc. Just so it gives the post more body and the artwork more meaning. It would also inspire a lot more of my followers that way. I have some questions about certain pieces. If you're happy to answer those, please email me at My blog is:
    I really hope you get back to me!

    Nesha, High Fashion Whore.