Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I've given up on real women, i prefer living with dolls

Gordon hasn't been on a date with a real woman in more than a decade, instead, the factory worker has sex with two life-size dolls, Brooke and Kelly. He firmly believes his rubber 'friends' are better than living breathing women.
"If you told me when i was 18 that my sex life would revolve around two dolls, i'd have laughed in your face"says Gordon, now 42, "but they're the most important things in my life, i don't care if people are repulsed"

"I imagined i'd find the right woman but it never worked out. Now Brooke and Kelly are in my life instead"
"girls never called me back, or said we'd be better off as friends" he says, "in a year of online dating i didn't get a single response, i got tired of being rejected"
So when Gordon saw a documentary about life size silicone sex dolls called real dolls, he felt he'd found the answer.
"The idea of going to prostitutes was discusting - this was more what i was looking for" he says "this way, i wouldn't have to bother with the hassle and expence of dating, and they wouldn't turn me down at the end of the night because of my crooked teeth and acne scars"
Gordon stared saving the £3,500 he needed to buy a real doll. "Once i decided i wanted one, i felt it couldn't happen fast enough" says Gordon, "I confessed to my mum because once the doll arrived i didn't want her seeing it in my bed and thinking i'd killed a girl" he laughs.
"This way i could put all the features and qualities of real women i fancied into one person, I decided my doll would be petite with long dark synthetic hair, blue eyes and A Cup boobs.
He ordered 4ft 11 Brooke in january 2000.
"when i opened the package she was perfect, far more attractive than my last girlfriend"

After unpacking brooke, removing her clothes and lying her on his bed, Gordon had sex with her.
"it was different to being with a real woman cause i had to do all the work", he admits. "But i soon got used to it, after one weekend with Brooke i realised i never wanted to date again. I couldn't bear putting myself through the rejection, and it was nice having someone to wake up to"
Within months gordon stared saving for another real doll, Kelly, cost £3, 800, and had real hair,

"They both give me the same thing, but i wanted to have the choice" he says.
He has moved into an extension on the side of his mums house in Virginia, US, and the dolls live in his bedroom, "there isn't enough room for them both, so Kelly sleeps in a bag on the floor"
he spends all his spare time with the dolls, taking it in turns to have sex with them up to four times a week, "we spend evenings watching TV in bed, I like touching their faces and spend hours brushing their hair so they look nice"
He dresses them conservatively, usually buying their clothes on ebay, "i'm not keen on low cut tops and makeup, i like them to look demure" he explains.

Once a fortnight he gives his dolls a bath, hanging them from a hook so he can wash them.
"my hair sticks to them and they pick up dust from around the house, I also like washing their hair so it smells fresh when i get up close to their faces"
hes so protective of his dolls that he secures them behind two doors with five separate locks while hes out at work. he rarely allows male visitors in the house, and doesn't take the dolls out.
"i'd hurt anyone who tried to touch my dolls" he says firmly. "I hate other men going near them and i'd never share them.
Gordon insists he'll never go back to dating real women, "i've got everything i need right here, so why bother?" he says.
"They give me more stability than a real woman could, they don't lie, they don't cheat and i can be totally selfish because they'll never let me down."


  1. The 4th photograph 'demure' is dressed like Brooke Shields from her film as a child prostitute "Pretty Baby"...

  2. That's cool. After years of dating/ bad experiences- I decided to buy a real doll too and I'm am done with human women- I love dolls so much more.

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